New Forest

Dates produced

2008 only


Timothy Harris

About the design

New Forest is the design made for the IOWSG Studio Day on 20th April 2008. It was made available only to the visitors to the studio on the day. The design is similar to Undercliff, which is then blown into a square mould with actual tree bark to get the surface texture. Thus, Tim's design emulates Michael Harris's 'Bark Vase', which was one of his first studio glass designs whilst still at the Royal College of Art in 1963-5 (see Mark Hill's book Michael Harris: Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass on page 13).

New Forest was available either fumed (iridised) or unfumed and in two sizes: Small - 16.5 cm high x 9 cm wide x 6.5 cm deep; and Large - 28.5 cm high x 16 cm wide x 9 cm deep. Vases were signed 'Timothy Harris. Isle of Wight Glass 2008' to the base.


Large vase: Fumed - 2 pieces / Unfumed - 8 pieces.
Small vase: Fumed - 3 pieces / Unfumed - 12 pieces.


New Forest vases

New Forest vases. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

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