Dates produced



Timothy Harris and Jonathan Harris


Blue (dark and light blue) (1994 only); Maple (purple and pink) (1995-1996); Silver Birch (green and pinky-purple) (1995-1996); Walnut (brown) (1994 only); Willow Green (green) (1994 only)



Woodland Blue perfume bottles

This picture of a flask perfume bottle and a globe perfume bottle in Woodland Blue was on IOWSG's discontinued archive pieces web page from 2004 to 2007. The picture caption dates it to 1994.

There is a picture of a trial Woodland bowl-shaped vase in Mark Hill’s book [1] on page 130 that has a blue colour. But this colour is not the same as in Woodland Blue, which is an intense dark blue, much darker than in the book.


Woodland Maple baluster vase, 11.1 cm tall, 10.5 cm diameter

Baluster vase, 11.1 cm tall and 10.5 cm in diameter. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Woodland Maple baluster vase base

Base of the same baluster vase pictured above. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Silver Birch

Woodland Silver Birch baluster vase, 13 cm high

Baluster vase, 13 cm high.

Woodland Silver Birch baluster vase

Baluster vase, 13 cm high. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Woodland Silver Birch oval vase, 16.5 cm high

Oval vase, 16.5 cm high. A 12.5 cm high oval vase is present in the 1995 shape list for Woodland, but not the 16.5 cm high size. The larger size may have been made only in 1996.


Woodland Walnut baluster vase, 10.9 cm high

Woodland Walnut baluster vase, 10.9 cm high. Made in 1994 only. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Willow Green

Woodland Willow Green baluster vase, 10.5 cm high, 10.5 cm at widest

Woodland Willow Green baluster vase, 10.5 cm high, 10.5 cm at the widest point.

1. Hill, M. (2006) Michael Harris : Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass. 158 pp. Mark Hill Publishing.
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