Wild Garden

Dates produced



Timothy Harris


Buttercups & Daisies (Yellow, 2001-2009), Clover (Green, 2003-2009), Forget-me-nots (Blue, 2001-2009), Sweet Violets (Purple, 2001-2009), Wild Rose (Pink, 2001-2009).

Collector's Club Editions

The first three IOWSG Collector's Club special editions, made available to members of the Club only, were in the style of Wild Garden. Edition 1 was an amphora shaped pot 8 cm in diameter and 7.2 cm in height. It was available until Christmas 2003. 24 pieces were sold for £39.95. Edition 2 was a footed votive bowl 8.5 cm in diameter and 7.5 cm in height. It was available until Easter 2004. 22 pieces were sold for £42.50. Edition 3 was a blown egg 4.5 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height. It was available until 1st August 2004. 33 pieces were sold for £34.95.

Edition 2

Wild Garden Collector's Club edition 2 votive
Wild Garden Collector's Club edition 2 votive

The flowers are in three colours: purple, pink and yellow. In regular Wild Garden colourways there are either one or two flower colours.

Collector's Club edition 2 certificate for the piece shown above.


Wild Garden was a winner in the Gift of the Year competition organized by the Giftware Association in 2001.

Wild Garden Sweet Violets miniature bowl with Gift of the Year label

Wild Garden Sweet Violets miniature footed bowl, 4.5 cm high and 5.7 cm in diameter at the rim, with the 'Gift of the Year' label.


Buttercups & Daisies

Wild Garden Buttercups & Daisies round perfume bottle, 9 cm high

Round perfume bottle, 9 cm high.

Wild Garden Buttercups & Daisies small cylinder vase, 12 cm high

Small cylinder vase, 12 cm high.


Wild Garden Clover round pot, 9.5 cm diameter

Round pot, 9.5 cm diameter

Wild Garden Clover medium cylinder vase, 15.5 cm high

Medium cylinder vase, 15.5 cm high

Sweet Violets

Wild Garden Sweet Violets flask perfume bottle, 10 cm high

Flask perfume bottle, 10 cm high.

Making flower canes

If you have ever wondered how flowers in a design like Wild Garden are created, first a cane with five lobes is made, as shown below. Imagine a stick of rock with the design all the way through. This is then chopped into slices to reveal the flower shape. The flowers are then applied to the surface of the hot glass. Reheating the glass fuses them to the surface.

Making flower canes for designs similar to Wild Garden

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