Dates produced

1989 only


Timothy Harris

About this design

'Victoriana' was trialed at one of the international gift fairs in 1989 but never put into production. All the pieces shown here may be unique.


Yellow Victoriana Perfume Bottle, 10cm height

Victoriana perfume bottle with yellow body and and clear feet and stopper, 10cm height. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Yellow Victoriana Perfume Bottle, 10 cm height

Victoriana perfume bottle with yellow body and black feet and stopper, 10 cm height. It was bought from the studio archive in February 2011. Image courtesy of IOWSG. This same shape is also known with an orange body and identical black feet and stopper.

Victoriana footed bowl

Victoriana footed bowl, 10.3 cm high x 10.9 cm diameter at the rim, with applied gold foil. This bowl was once in the possession of Ron Wheeler of Artius Glass. Ron kindly provided the information about the origin of this design.

Victoriana basket vase

Pink basket vase on three pink spiral feet, 12 cm tall, 9 cm diameter. It has gold foil added to the bowl. The handle is in clear glass.

Victoriana basket vase

Small bowl on three spiral feet in the same colourway as the basket above, 7.8 cm high and approximately 8 cm in diameter.

Victoriana footed bowl with wavy rim

Footed bowl with wavy rim, approximately 9.5 cm tall and 11 cm diameter. There is a pink stem, pink spiral in the bowl and a yellow applied edge to the base and rim of the bowl.

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