Dates produced

Undercliff 1987-1997; New Undercliff 1998-December 2012


Undercliff was conceived by Elizabeth Harris with the final appearance and production process developed by Michael, Timothy and Jonathan Harris. New Undercliff was designed by Timothy and Jonathan Harris.


Undercliff: Summer (1987-1997); Winter (1987-1997).
Undercliff: Sunrise (1989-1991); Sunset (1989-1991).
New Undercliff: Day, initially called 'Daytime' (1998-December 2012); Night (1998-December 2012).



Undecliff Summer vase, 30 cm high, 22 cm diameter at top

Undercliff 'Summer' vase, 30 cm tall and 22 cm diameter at the widest point. This vase was made and presented to a local Isle of Wight charity by IOWSG in 1994.

Undecliff Summer round paperweight, 7.5 cm in diameter

Undercliff 'Summer' round paperweight, 7.5 cm in diameter. It was made and presented to a local Isle of Wight charity by IOWSG in 1994.


Undercliff Winter range

Pieces from the Undercliff 'Winter' range. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Undecliff Winter vase, 24.5 cm tall, 16 cm wide, 5.5 cm deep

Undercliff Winter vase, 24.5 cm tall, 16 cm wide, 5.5 cm deep.


Undecliff Day flask perfume bottle, 15 cm high, 10 diameter

Flask perfume bottle, 15 cm high, 10 cm diameter. This is signed by Timothy Harris 2008 and numbered 44/250. Flask perfume bottles were also available 10 cm high.

Undecliff Day tall waisted vase, 21 cm high

Tall waisted vase, 21 cm high. It is signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass 2007' and numbered 8/100. A waisted vase is also available 38 cm high.


Tall amphora vase, 23 cm high

Tall amphora vase, 23 cm high. This is a limited edition vase, number 36 of 100, signed by Timothy Harris in 2007. The amphora vase is also available in two other heights: 14 cm (edition size 250) and 17 cm (edition size 250).

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