Dates produced

Following Ballon and Featherspray, which were the first two designs to be produced at the relocated studio at Arreton Barns, Isle of Wight, Stratum was launched in June 2014.

Available for purchase at the studio web site


Timothy Harris


There was a lot of experimentation with colourways of Stratum in the beginning, but the following were adopted for the official range:

Aqua; Lime; Orange; Pink; Slate.

Shapes available

Cylinder vase (25 x 10 cm and 19 x 5 cm); flattened globe perfume bottle (9 cm wide x 7 cm high and 6 x 6 cm); bag vase (18 x 15 cm and 14 x 11.5 cm); onion vase (14 x 12 cm and 12 x 9 cm); flattened pebble paperweight (10 cm diameter x 2 cm high and 7 cm diameter x 1.5 cm).


Pictures coming soon.

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