Sgraffitto and Sgraffitto Jazz

Dates produced

Sgraffitto 2009 only.
Sgraffitto Jazz trials 2010 only.
Sgraffitto Jazz flattened globe paperweights made for Easter 2011 only.


Timothy Harris

About the design

Sgraffitto was designed as the 'Collectors Day Pieces' for the third Studio Day held on 18th October 2009. The design is reminiscent of Jazz but with a different colour combination. Jazz has bright reds, blues and yellows whereas Sgraffitto has muted colours of greyish greeny blues with flashes of orange. There were three pieces in the collection: a large lollipop vase, a medium lollipop vase, and a globe paperweight.

Trials of Sgraffitto Jazz, a follow-on from the collector's pieces, were made in 2010, but the design did not go into general production. Examples of two of the trials are shown here. These were bought directly from IOWSG.

Sales of Collectors Day Pieces

Large lollipop - 6 pieces
Medium lollipop - 6 pieces
Paperweight - 6 pieces

Sgraffitto lollipop

Large lollipop, 21 cm high, 17 cm wide. Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2009'.

Sgraffitto Jazz Trials

Sgraffitto Jazz trial with lime green interior

Oval vase with lime green interior, 15 cm tall, given shape number 107. Signed by Timothy Harris. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Sgraffitto Jazz trial with orange interior

Oval vase with orange interior, 24.5 cm tall, given shape number 104. Signed by Timothy Harris. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Sgraffitto Jazz Easter Paperweights

A small range of special paperweights were made for Easter 2011 only. Two sizes are currently known: 6 cm and 7 cm diameter. The paperweights were made in two parts, with the Jazz design in the lower half and a large dome of clear glass added on the top half. There were all signed by Timothy Harris and dated 2011.

Sgraffitto Jazz medium paperweight

Medium paperweight, 6 cm diameter, 4 cm high.

Sgraffitto Jazz large paperweight

Large paperweight, 7 cm diameter, 4.5 cm high.

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