Dates produced

1975 only?


Probably Michael Harris

About the design

In 2005, the IOWSG web site makes mention of Strapped Seawood (note not Seaward) being sold from the studio's archives. It dates two items to circa 1975. One was sold on 8 March 2005 for £125 and one on 9 March 2005 for £135. There was discussion of the pieces on the IOWSG forum at the time about the origin of the name and the identity of the pieces. Apparently, Seawood was a name that Elizabeth Harris came up with.

As can be seen from the pictures below, there were two colourways: one being the teal blues of Mdina, because the recently established IOWSG studio was using up the colours they had brought back from Mdina, and a darker cobalt blue colourway originating at IOWSG. The design is very similar to Aurene, but has a partial casing and thin strapping around the partial casing. This variant of Aurene has been called Strapped Aurene, examples of which can be found here.

The name Seawood was never used officially, and indeed it turned out to be an error. Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, The Internet Archive, the relevant archived pages from the IOWSG web site can be viewed. The page of sold archive pieces updated on 26 May 2006 makes mention of two items of 'Strapped Seawood'. By the time the page of sold archive pieces is updated on 3 June 2008 the same items are named 'Strapped Seaward'. This 'correction' is surely another error since the pieces illustrated below have no resemblance to Seaward. In conclusion, Seawood seems to be an early experiment that led to Aurene.

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Three pieces of Seawood in the teal colourway

Three pieces of Seawood in the teal colourway. The pieces bought from the IOWSG archives as Seawood are the stopperless bottle and the hexagonal pot. Image courtesy of Sue Marshall.

Three pieces of Seawood in the cobalt blue colourway

Three pieces of Seawood in the cobalt blue colourway. Image courtesy of Sue Marshall.

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