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In his book on IOWSG [1] on page 74, Mark Hill states that "an example [of Seaward] with the impressed 'flame' pontil mark (from 1974 onwards) has not yet been found". However, in December 2010, three pieces called Seaward by the studio were released from the archives which do have the 'flame' pontil mark. These pieces are lighter blue in colour than the typically dark blue and green of early Seaward, and were called Blue Seaward by the studio. All three of these pieces are illustrated here.


  • Seaward - with a broken pontil mark (early 1973) or coachbolt prunt (late 1973); dark blue and green.
  • Blue Seaward - with a 'flame' pontil mark; light blue and green (1974).


Michael Harris



Seaward Inside Out vase, 9 cm high, 10 cm diameter

Inside Out vase, 9 cm high, 10 cm diameter, with the coachbolt pontil on the base indicating the vase was made in late 1973.

Seaward charger, 36 cm diameter

This Seaward charger, which is 36 cm in diameter, has the broken pontil indicating manufacture in early 1973.

Seaward attenuated bottle, base

The base of a Seaward attenuated bottle showing beautifully the blue and green colours. Image courtesy of Sue Marshall.

Seaward attenuated bottle
Seaward attenuated bottle, bottom

Attenuated bottle, 14.5 inches tall. Inscribed on the base "Michael Harris Isle of Wight Glass".

Seaward globe vase, 16 cm wide, 11.8 cm high

Globe vase 16 cm wide and 11.8 cm high, with a coachbolt prunt and a white, oblong paper label with 'Handmade Isle of Wight' on the base. It is signed by Michael Harris. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Seaward squat perfume bottle, 13.5 cm wide, 10.0 cm high

Squat perfume bottle, 13.5 cm wide at its widest point and 10 cm high including the stopper. It has a coachbolt prunt.

Blue Seaward

Blue Seaward cylinder vase, 20.5 cm high, 11 cm diameter

Blue Seaward cylinder vase, 20.5 cm high and 11 cm in diameter. The flame mark sits in a slight depression.

Blue Seaward open bowl, 9 cm high, 11.5 cm diameter

Blue Seaward open bowl, 9 cm high, 11.5 cm diameter. The flame pontil mark and part of the base have been ground flat, which indicates the very earliest use of the flame mark. There is a very similar bowl with a purple colourway here.

Blue Seaward platter, 39.2 cm diameter

Blue Seaward platter, 39.2 cm diameter, with a central depression about 17 cm across and 5 cm deep. Michael Harris signed it "Isle of Wight Glass England" but did not add his signature. The base has a flame pontil mark, which consists of a fairly large glob of glass 3.2 cm across into which the flame mark has been pressed. The flame mark sits in a slight depression so that the platter can lie on a flat surface without being affected by the mark.

1. Hill, M. (2006) Michael Harris : Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass. 158 pp. Mark Hill Publishing.
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