Dates produced

1985-December 2012


Michael Harris

About this design

Seascape was a long-lived and popular design. There was some evolution in the way the sea was depicted, as can be seen from the earliest piece on this page produced in 1985 and later pieces. But in all cases the blue and white shards are striped.

In 2012 a bowl commemorating the Queen's diamond jubilee was produced, called Seascape 'Waves'. In these bowls the colours representing the sea are swirled.


Seascape Bell-shaped vase, 13 cm high

Bell-shaped vase, 13 cm high. This size was only produced in 1985.

Seascape Tall amphora vase, 15 cm high

Tall amphora vase, 15 cm high. This particular example was made after 1995.

Seascape open bowl, 11.5 cm high, 19.5 cm diameter

Open bowl, 11.5 cm high, 19.5 cm diameter. Made in 2008.

Seascape miniature vase, 5 cm height

Miniature vase, 5 cm height. Image courtesy of Seven Crowns.

Seascape 'Waves'

Seascape Wave commemorative bowl

The words 'Commemorating the Diamond Jubilee 2012' is in gold lettering around the cylindrical foot. Each piece is numbered and signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2012.' The commemorative bowls were made in two sizes. Only six were made of the larger, which are 19.5 cm high x 23 cm diameter. This example is No.1. Sixty of the smaller bowls were made.

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