Seagulls & Seagrass

Dates produced

October 2009-September 2011


Timothy Harris


Gold Seagulls; Blue Seagrass

Gold Seagulls and Blue Seagrass were the names first used to announce the range in a newsletter sent to IOWSG Collectors Club members in December 2009. Later communications referred to the range simply as Seagulls and Seagrass.

About the design

Seagulls & Seagrass was introduced on 18th October 2009 at the third IOWSG Studio Day and was available till 21 September 2011 to members of the IOWSG Collectors Club. Each colourway was available in three sizes of open bowl: small (up to 9 cm high), medium (up to 12 cm high) and large (up to 19 cm high).

On 21 September 2011 three trial pieces were released for sale and included two Seagulls cylinder vases (16 and 17 cm high) and a Seagrass amphora vase (11 cm diameter). All the trials were signed by Timothy Harris.


Figures correct as of August 2011.

Seagulls: Small = 30; Medium = 29; Large = 21.
Seagrass: Small = 21; Medium = 11; Large = 10.



Seagrass bowls

Image courtesy of IOWSG.


Seagulls bowls

Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Base of small Seagulls bowl

The base of the bowls sold to collectors were all signed by Timothy Harris and numbered. However, this is a picture of the base of a small Seagulls bowl. The 'S' probably stands for 'Sample' rather than 'Small'. Therefore, one or more pieces were sold other than those indicated in the sales figures given above.

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