Dates produced

1988 only


Elizabeth Harris


Blue; Pink.

About this design

Satin is part of a collection called Ribbons, Lace, Silk and Satin, which was inspired by textiles. Satin was the least popular design of the four and was withdrawn after a short time. It is extremely rarely found today. The pink variant is rarer than the blue. Please note that one of the very few errors in Mark Hill's book on IOWSG [1] concerns Satin and Lace. On page 112 the image to the left should be captioned 'Lace' and not 'Satin' and on page 113 in the first column 'Lace' should be replaced with 'Satin' and 'Satin' should be replaced with 'Lace'.



Satin conical perfume bottle, 9.5 cm high
Satin conical perfume bottle, 9.5 cm high

Conical perfume bottle, 9.5 cm tall.

1. Hill, M. (2006) Michael Harris : Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass. 158 pp. Mark Hill Publishing.

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