Sacks & Bags

Dates produced

1989 only


Elizabeth Harris


Stripe (with a combed stripe design)
Swirl (with spiral patterns)

There were many colours but mostly blue, pink or white for Stripe and blue and pink base glass with blue or gold patterns in Swirl. Gold foil was used on the Swirl design to highlight the spiral pattern.



Blue Stripe Sack vase, 15.5 cm high

A large blue stripe Sack vase, 15.5 cm tall. There were two smaller Sack vases of similar appearance, being 7.5 and 11 cm high.

Pink Stripe Sack vase, 7.5 cm high

Pink Stripe Sack vase, 7.5 cm high.


Pink and blue Swirl Bag vase, 9 cm high

A pink bag vase with blue swirls, 9 cm high.

Blue on blue Swirl Bag vase, 7 cm high

A blue swirls on blue bag vase, 7 cm high.

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