Dates produced

There were two collections named Ribbons, one in 1984-1985 and another in 1988-1993.


Elizabeth Harris for the later collection.


Pink/Green (1984-1985); Black (1988-1993); White (1988-1991)

Ribbons was also made in orange and black for the Japanese market (early 1990s) and in red for the German market (about 1988).


Trial piece

Ribbons trial piece in green colourway

This may be a trial piece for the later Ribbons collection.

Pink/Green (often called Early Ribbons)

Ribbons Pink/Green bell vase
Ribbons Pink/Green bell vase

Bell vase 11.8 cm high and 10.5 cm in diameter. Images courtesy of Mike Collinson.


Ribbons Black spherical perfume bottle, 7.5 cm high, 6.5 cm diameter

Black spherical perfume bottle, 7.5 cm high, 6.5 cm diameter. Made 1988-1993.

Ribbons Black egg-shaped paperweight, 7 cm high

Black egg-shaped paperweight, 7 cm high, 4.5 cm diameter. Made 1988-1993. Notice that the 'black' is actually a deep cobalt blue.


Ribbons White conical perfume bottle, 7 cm high

White conical perfume bottle, 7 cm high. Made 1988-1991. A similar white conical perfume bottle but 9 cm high was produced in 1988 and 1989 only.

Ribbons White cylinder vase, 24.5 cm high

Cylinder vase, 24.5 cm high. A cylinder vase 13.5 cm high was also made.

Ribbons White cylinder vase, 24.5 cm high, close up.

Close-up of base of 24.5 cm high cylinder vase.

Orange and Black

Ribbons Orange and Black globe perfume bottle

Globe perfume bottle made mainly for the Japanese market.


Ribbons Red conical perfume bottle and paperweight

Conical perfume bottle and paperweight made mainly for the German market

Ribbons Red globe perfume bottle

Globe perfume bottle, 12 cm high.

Ribbons Red egg paperweight

Egg paperweight, 7.5 cm high.

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