Remembrance Poppies

Dates produced

Launched 6th November 2014 and available for about a year after that.


Timothy Harris

About the design

The year 2014 marks the centenary of the onset of the First World War, and since then the poppy has been the traditional symbol of those who have died in conflict. Inspired by the ceramic poppy exhibit in London, Timothy experimented with making poppies in glass. The result is a Limited Edition of 100.

The poppies were available in two sizes. The smaller size has a stem length of 30 cm and a flower diameter of 8 cm, priced at £50. The larger size has a stem length of 40 cm and a flower diameter of 10 cm and is priced at £55.00. Each poppy is signed by Timothy on the stem together with its number in the edition. 25% of the sale price was donated to the British Legion. In addition, the first and last of the edition, No. 1 and No. 100, were sold by online auction. These "specials" were decorated with gold leaf.

In 2015 a paperweight was added to the range.


Remembrance poppies in two sizes, 30 and 40 cm
Remembrance poppies paperweight

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