Elizabeth Harris Pictures

Dates produced

2007-December 2012, 2014-present


Elizabeth Harris

Production process

Elizabeth Harris collects the surplus sheared off parts of glass from Timothy’s glass making as well as from broken shards of rejected glass items. She then colour grades them into different trays, which she stores. When a suitable subject comes to mind she chooses appropriate pieces and lays them out on a ceramic block and creates the picture of her choice. This block is lowered into a kiln and fired to 700°C for around 7 hours to soften and fuse all the pieces together. Then follows a slow cooling and annealing period to ensure that it does not shatter through cooling too quickly. The finished picture is then adhered to a backing and framed. Each piece is unique and signed and dated by Elizabeth as well as having a signed certificate. They are available in several sizes.


Elizabeth Harris picture, named Magnolia

This picture is named 'Magnolia', is signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2010', and measures approximately 27 cm high and 23 cm wide.

Elizabeth Harris picture, named Secret Garden

This picture is named 'Secret Garden', is signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2015', and measures approximately 25 x 25 cm.

Elizabeth Harris picture

Signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2017'.

Elizabeth Harris picture

Signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2017'.

Elizabeth Harris picture, named Blossom Tree

This picture is named 'Blossom Tree' and is signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2017'.

Elizabeth Harris picture

Signed 'Elizabeth Harris, 2016'.

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