Dates produced

Trials from summer 2014. Launched as an official range in March 2015.

Available for purchase at the studio web site

About the design

In 2014 only two pieces of this design were known, one of which is illustrated below, but more pieces may have been made. Both were in the studio shop and were called Patchwork by Elizabeth Harris when asked. Patchwork was not included in the first catalogue of designs released by the studio in October 2014. When Patchwork was launched as an official range in March 2015 the design had changed significantly. The large patches of colour remained, mostly blue, amber and purple, covered by a fine network of black lines (over the coloured patches) over the whole body of the piece, and a shiny surface. The initial available shapes were a bowl 11 cm across x 7 cm high and slightly flattened, lipped globe vases 12 cm across x 8.5 cm high and 19 cm across x 14 cm high.


Timothy Harris


Trial Patchwork bowl, 10 cm high approx., 12.3 cm wide approx. at top

Trial Patchwork bowl bought from the studio shop in October 2014, approximately 10 cm high and 12.3 cm wide at the top. The surface has a matt finish.

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