Dates produced

Trials possibly late 1980 or early 1981. Production designs 1981-1982.


Claire Rainbow


Ice; Plum; Blue & Purple. There were also various trials.



Trial pink Orchid vase, 80 mm high, 71 mm diameter
Trial pink Orchid vase, 80 mm high, 71 mm diameter

These trials were obtained from Timothy Harris, which as far as Tim remembers were made prior to the Orchid range release. Therefore, they could be late 1980 or early 1981. The vase is quite heavily fumed (which does not really show on the pictures) and the colour is quite strong. It measures 80 mm high x 71 mm diameter at the widest point. Images courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Trial pink Orchid vase, 10.8 cm high, 11.8 cm diameter

This trial Orchid vase has been fumed and inscribed "Isle of Wight Glass England" in minute script towards the base, but there is no signature or label. It measures 10.8 cm high by 11.8 cm at the widest point. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.


Small Orchid Ice vase, 9.5 cm high

Small vase, 9.5 cm high.

Orchid Ice sculptured plate, 21 cm diameter approx

Sculptured plate, approximately 21 cm across.

Blue & Purple

A selection of Orchid Blue & Purple pieces

A selection of Orchid Blue & Purple pieces (top left and front two items). The colourway seems to be a hybrid of colours used in Kerry Style pieces in the Shamrock (blue) and Heather (purple) colours. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).

Orchid Blue & Purple plate

It is probable that this plate is not part of the Orchid range but has the same colourway as the Orchid pieces in the previous picture. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).

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