Minimals and Maximals

Dates produced

1982-1985 and February 2011-December 2012


Michael Harris (1982-1985 range)
Timothy Harris (2011-2012 range)

About this design

The first collection, called Minimals & Maximals, which was mostly designed by Michael Harris, were also produced by St John's Crystal on the Isle of Man under licence from IOWSG between 1982 and 1985. They were popular animal-shaped paperweights in the Azurene Black finish that came in 18 designs. After St John's Glass provoked a licencing issue with IOWSG in 1985, other colours than black Azurene were produced, but the company did not survive much longer after the dispute.

The later Minimals collection consisted of seven animal shapes with the Azurene Black surface finish, They were first issued in February 2011. The shapes were a hedgehog, penguin, dove, two snails with differing shell shapes, polar bear and turtle. On issue, 15 numbered sets (only available as a complete set) signed by Timothy Harris were offered to IOWSG Collectors' Club members. Minimals sold to the general public were not signed.


Minimals and Maximals (1982-1985)

Minimals and Maxmals frogs

The Maximal frog is approximately 6.5 cm high.

Minimals (2011-2012)


Minimals dove


Minimals hedgehog


Minimals penguin

Polar Bear

Minimals polar bear


Minimals snail


Minimals turtle

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