Miniature Garden

Dates produced

2001-December 2012


Timothy Harris


Buttercups & Daisies (Yellow and White, 2001-2009), Clover (Green, 2003-2009), Forget-me-nots (Blue, 2001-2009), Sweet Violets (Purple, 2001-2009), Wild Rose (Pink, 2001-2009). These match the colours in the Wild Garden collection.

Cherry Blossom (2009-present); Bluebell (2009-present); Daisies (2009-present); Snowdrop (2009-present). These match the colours in the Garden collection.


Buttercups & Daisies

Miniature Garden disc paperweight, 7 cm diameter

Miniature Garden 'Buttercups & Daisies' disc paperweight, 7 cm diameter.


Miniature Garden heart paperweight, 7 cm high, 7.5 cm wide

Miniature Garden 'Clover' heart paperweight, 7 cm high, 7.5 cm wide.


Miniature Garden small square paperweight, 4.5 cm wide

Miniature Garden 'Foreget-Me-Nots' square paperweight, 4.5 cm wide.

Sweet Violets

Miniature Garden heart paperweight, 4.5 cm diameter

Miniature Garden 'Sweet Violets' heart paperweight, 4.7 cm high x 4.6 cm wide.

Wild Rose

Miniature Garden square paperweight, 4.5 cm high

Miniature Garden 'Wild Rose' square paperweight, 4.5 cm high. Square paperweights were also available 7.5 cm high.

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