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Claire Rainbow

About this design

Four vase sizes were produced. They were approximately 6 cm, 7 cm, 9 cm and 13.5 cm tall. The design proved unpopular and was withdrawn in 1983. However, the two taller forms reappeared in 1984 listed as 'Tree Vases'.


Blue; Green. Lily is also known in Cranberry, White and Clear Glass, but these are not standard colours.



Lily Green vase, 6 cm high

This vase is only 6 cm tall, the smallest of four vase sizes.


Lily Blue vase, 14 cm high

This is the largest of four sizes of vase and is approximately 14 cm tall.


Lily Cranberry vases, two smallest sizes

These are the two smallest sizes of vase in the non-standard Cranberry colourway.

White and Clear

A selection of Lily vases in white and clear glass

A selection of Lily vases in white and clear glass. Image courtesy of celticway.

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