Peacock Feathers

About this design

The Peacock Feather design was produced for the famous Liberty shop in London, UK. It was designed by Jonathan Harris in 1987 and was his first project for IOWSG after he left college. It was available until the early 1990s. Pieces are known in blue and pink base glass.


Liberty Peacock Feather cylinder vase

Blue cylinder vase marked with 'Liberty' near the base. It is 16.5 cm high and 5.5 cm diameter.

Liberty Peacock Feather transfer

This is the transfer sheet used to create the Liberty peacock feather design. The sheet was kindly donated by IOWSG. It measures 54 x 41 cm.

Liberty's Millennium Platinum Collection

About this design

Timothy Harris designed this range. It was available in the Liberty shop from late 1999 to summer 2000. The production technique is the same process as Graal. The range consisted of two footed goblets, a dish, two perfume bottles (10.5 and 12.5 cm tall including the stopper) and a vase. Less than a dozen of each piece was produced.


Liberty Millennium Platinum Collection perfume bottle

Globe perfume bottle, 12.5 cm tall, 7.5 cm diameter. Signed to the base 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Studio Glass 2000'.

Liberty Millennium Platinum Collection baluster vase

The baluster vase is approximately 11.8 cm high and 13 cm across at the widest point. It is signed to the base 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight glass England'.

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