Dates produced

1985-1987, 1992-1993


Michael Harris


Landscape perfume bottle, 6.5 cm diameter, made 1987

This perfume bottle has the triangular label of the 1980s. At 6.5 cm in diameter it was made in 1987 only and is quite scarce. It is signed and numbered "Michael Harris IOW 14-500."

Landscape square vase, 15 cm tall, made 1985

This square-sectioned vase is signed twice by Michael Harris. The signature horizontally at the top of the vase says ‘Michael Harris 6.500’. The signature vertically down the side says ‘Michael Harris England 2/500’. Enquiries at the studio did not provide an explanation for the two signatures rather than one. At 15 cm tall, the vase was made in 1985 only.

Landscape cylinder vase, 29 cm tall, 9 cm diameter

Cylinder vase measuring 29 cm tall by 9 cm in diameter. It is signed by Michael Harris around the top rim and is numbered 80/500. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

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