Kerry Glass style

Dates produced

August 1978 and August 1979 at the IOW Studio. After this date the design was produced exclusively by Kerry Glass until 1985. Pieces are listed here only if they have Isle of Wight paper labels. Kerry Glass labels emulate the Isle of Wight Studio Glass labels and should be checked carefully if they are badly worn.


Michael Harris


Heather (blue and purple, August 1978 and August 1979); Peat (yellowish-green, August 1979 only); Shamrock (blue and green, August 1979 only)



Kerrry Heather, 8.5 cm diameter globe

Globe vase, 8.5 cm in diameter.


Kerry Peat attenuated bottle, 32.5 cm high, 6.2 cm diameter

Attenuated bottle, 32.5 cm high, 6.2 cm diameter. Note that it has a triangular label, which must be one of its earliest uses.


Kerrry Shamrock cylinder vase, 13.5 cm tall

Cylinder vase, 13.5 cm tall.

Kerrry Shamrock small globe vase, 7 cm high, 8 cm diameter

Small globe vase, 7 cm high, 8 cm diameter.

Kerry Glass labels

Kerrry Glass label emulating 1970s IOWSG label

Kerry Glass label emulating the 1970s IOWSG label.

Kerrry Glass label emulating 1980s IOWSG label

Kerry Glass label emulating the 1980s IOWSG triangular label.

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