Iridaceae (The Iris)

Dates produced



Elizabeth Harris


Brown & Blue; Brown & Pink

The brown and pink colourway is much less common than the brown and blue.


Brown & Blue

Iridaceae bowl, in pink, brown and blue, 9.5 cm high, 14.5 cm diameter

Bowl in pink, brown and blue, 9.5 cm high, 14.5 cm diameter. The blue iris-shaped flowers are beautifully shown in this example. Notice also the wavy rim of the bowl, which was intentional. Bowls were supposedly made 8 cm or 11.5 cm tall. However, handmade glassmaking is not an exact science since this bowl falls between the two 'official' sizes.

Iridaceae torpedo vase, in pink, brown and blue, 23.5 cm high, 6.5 cm diameter

A torpedo vase, in pink, brown and blue, 23.5 cm high, 6.5 cm diameter. Torpedo vases were made in three sizes: 13.5 cm tall (made 1983 only) and 23 and 32 cm tall (made 1983-1985).

Iridaceae torpedo vase, in pink, brown and blue, 13 cm high

Torpedo vase 13 cm tall made 1983 only. The smallest torpedo vase is the least common of the three sizes.

Iridaceae paperweight, in pink, brown and blue, 8.5 cm diameter

Blue flower paperweight, 8.5 cm diameter.

Brown & Pink

Iridaceae paperweight, in brown and pink, 8.8 cm diameter, 6 cm high

Brown and pink paperweight, 8.8 cm diameter, 6 cm high.

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