Hearts & Trails

Dates produced

2006 only


Timothy Harris

About this design

Hearts & Trails was a special commission for the company Passion for Fashion. Prototypes were made but the design did not go into production. There were five prototypes made, including a perfume bottle 7 cm high, a small (5.5 cm) and a large (8 cm) heart-shaped paperweight, and a small (5.5 cm) and large (8 cm) globe paperweight (see picture below). The globe paperweights and the perfume bottle each featured three clear heart shapes among the trails on the surface.

Note also other collections with a heart shape: Heart, Cameo Hearts, Glass Hearts/Pressed Hearts and Twisted Heart.


The Hearts & Trails collection

The whole Hearts & Trails collection. Image courtesy of Vivienne O'Shea, Passion for Fashion.

More detailed pictures will be posted in due course.

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