Dates produced

c.1989-December 2012 and from February 2015

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Jonathan Harris (1989-1999) and Timothy Harris (early 1990s to present)

Production process

Mark Hill has written an excellent article, dated 8 December 2010, on Timothy Harris's Graal on Judith Miller's Antiques & Collectables web site (requires free registration for access).


All the examples of graal are one-off, unique pieces in a great diversity of designs. We do not intend to display many examples here.

Jonathan Harris

Experimental graal vase, made 1989

Designed, made, and dated by Jonathan Harris, in 1989. This rare experimental piece was formerly kept in the 'museum cabinet' at the Isle of Wight Studio Glass premises until liquidation meant it had to be sold. The vase sits on a clear glass footed base and measures 9 cm x 9 cm. On the base is 'Isle of Wight Glass - '89' inscribed by hand by Jonathan.

Graal pedestal bowl by Jonathan Harris with stylized flower design

Pedestal bowl with stylized flower design, 24 cm in diameter, signed “Jonathan Harris, Isle of Wight, England, 1991 © Unique”. In a personal communication, Jonathan says that the bowl was displayed at the NEC Trade Fair, Birmingham, UK, in February 1991, according to a page he found in an old note book.

Graal squat bowl by Jonathan Harris with flower and foliage design

A flattened baluster vase in dark purple over pink glass, 12 cm maximum width x 8 cm high, made about 1992. It is signed "Jonathan Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 'Graal'." Around the time this piece was made, Jonathan Harris comments "I was still experimenting with powder enamel colours on the outside of the graal embryo before being picked up, blown into shape & finally sprayed with solution of stannous chloride, which is where the slightly mat surface lustre & iridescence comes from."

Graal feather-pattern tazza by Jonathan Harris 1998

Feather-pattern tazza signed by Jonathan Harris and dated 1998.

Timothy Harris

Graal-like unique purple floral footed bowl, 7.5 cm high, 9.5 cm diameter

Graal-like unique purple floral footed bowl, 7.5 cm high, 9.5 cm diameter. Early 1990s. Signed by Timothy Harris.

Silver graal pendant

Very rare Graal pendant made in the early 2000's. It consists of a silver graal pattern on the surface set in a sterling silver finding. Very few of these were sold. It is about 3 cm in diameter.

Graal Purple Flower Rings bowl THG/156, upper side
Graal Purple Flower Rings bowl THG/156, underside

Graal plate with a foot of clear glass with a label that says 'THG/156 PURPLE FLOWER RINGS'. It is 20 cm across. Images courtesy of Sue Burt.

THG324 Ruby Rings

THG324 Ruby Rings. The paperweight is 8 cm in diameter. It was made in 2005.

THG331 Copper Blue Rings

THG331 Copper Blue Rings. The vase is 27.5 cm high and 22.5 cm in diameter. It was made in 2005.

Graal Golden Seed Pods cylinder vase

Cylinder vase, 23.5 cm tall, 7.5 cm diameter, signed by Timothy Harris and dated 2015, with "Golden Seed Pods" inscribed on the base.

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