Golden Peacock

Dates produced



Early colourways - Michael Harris; 'New' Golden Peacock - Timothy Harris.


There were three distinct phases for the colourways, excluding experimental pieces:

  • Golden Peacock with pale pastel colours (gold leaf over the colour): Pink (1982-1987); Green (1982-1987); Blue (1983-1987); White (1984-1994)
  • Golden Peacock with dark colours: Dark Pink (1987-1998 — gold leaf over the colour); Dark Green (1987-1998 — gold leaf over the colour); Royale (1987-1998 — strong purple bands with cobalt blue, pink or green base glass and gold under the colour trails)
  • 'New' Golden Peacock with pastel colours (gold leaf over the colour and clear glass trails over both the colour and gold): Blue (1998-2003); Green (1998-2003); Pink (1998-2003); also known in Lilac (2003 only) but this was not a standard colour


Experimental Pieces

Golden Peacock experimental squat vase, 6.5 cm high

This squat perfume bottle is 6.5 cm high and was an experimental piece for the Golden Peacock series. It was not sold outside the island shop. This has been confirmed by Isle of Wight Studio Glass. The stopper is a replacement made by IOWSG.

Golden Peacock with pale pastel colours


Golden Peacock pale pink small globe vase, 6.5 cm diameter

Small globe vase, 6.5 cm diameter, 7 cm high.

Golden Peacock pale pink flattened globe paperweight, 8 cm diameter

Flattened globe paperweight, 8 cm diameter, 4.2 cm high.


Golden Peacock green tall cylinder vase, 16.5 cm high

Tall cylinder vase, 16.5 cm high, which was produced in 1987 only.


Golden Peacock blue squat vase, 11 cm high

Squat vase, 11 cm high.

Golden Peacock blue goblet, 16 cm high

Goblet, 16 cm high, 8.5 cm diameter rim, 7.5 cm diameter base.


Golden Peacock white globe vase, 9 cm high, 8 cm diameter

Globe vase, 9 cm high, 8 cm diameter. This vase has the triangular label of the 1980s.

Golden Peacock white egg paperweight, 7 cm high

Egg paperweight, 7 cm high, 4.5 cm diameter.

Golden Peacock with dark colours

Dark Pink

Golden Peacock dark pink beaker vase, 6.5 cm high

Beaker vase, 6.5 cm high.

Golden Peacock dark pink globe vase, 8 cm diameter, 8.5 cm high

Globe vase, 8 cm diameter, 8.5 cm high.

Golden Peacock dark pink cylinder vase, 13.5 cm high

Cylinder vase, 13.5 cm high.

Dark Green

Golden Peacock dark green beaker vase, 7.5 cm diameter

Beaker vase, 7.5 cm diameter.


Golden Peacock Royale squat perfume bottle, 10 cm high

Squat perfume bottle with cobalt blue base glass, 10 cm high.

Golden Peacock Royale round paperweight, 4.5 cm diameter

Round paperweight with pink base glass, 4.5 cm diameter.

Golden Peacock Royale bird paperweight, 4.5 cm long

Bird paperweight with pink base glass, 4.5 cm long.

'New' Golden Peacock with pastel colours


New Golden Peacock blue flared vase, 10.5 cm high

Flared vase, 10.5 cm high.


New Golden Peacock green squat perfume bottle, 7.5 cm high

Squat perfume bottle, 7.5 cm high.


New Golden Peacock pink candlesticks, 11.5 cm high

Pair of candlesticks, 11.5 cm high.


New Golden Peacock lilac vase, 15.5 cm high

Footed vase in the trial colour of lilac, made in 2003 only. Two examples of this vase have been seen, both with the 30th anniversary label on the side. The vase is 15.5 cm high and 9 cm across at the top. It has an rough unfinished pontil mark on the base.

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