Glassblower's Shelf

This page is dedicated to designs by glass artists other than the Harrises who worked at IOWSG. These, usually one-off pieces, are said to be put on the glassblower's shelf for sale. Hopefully this page will bring some publicity to their work produced while at the studio. Of course, several of them went on to become well-known glass makers in their own right in their own studios.

Glass Makers in Alphabetical order

Lydia Beech
Stephen Cherry
Dominic Cooney
Marcus Dennington
Martin Evans
Christopher Hotten
Ian McCulloch
Carl Nordbruch
Perron Phipps
Keith Pollard
Claire Rainbow
David Tolley

Lydia Beech

Bowl by Lydia Beech

It is not known whether this bowl was made while Lydia was at IOWSG. It is signed simply "Lydia Beech". A piece known to be made at IOWSG is signed "LB 2000 I.O.W." The bowl measures about 23 cm across and 8.5 cm high.

Signature of Lydia Beech

Signature of Lydia Beech on the bowl shown above. Image courtesy of Colin Towe.

Stephen Cherry

For at least five years, Stephen mainly worked in the packing room at IOWSG and helped at trade fairs. Two paperweights signed by him and dated 1999 are known.

Dominic Cooney

Dominic Cooney left IOWSG to become a technician at Dudley and then worked in Jonathan Harris's glass studio for a while before renovating an old chapel into his own studio. He went into partnership with designer Elaine Sheldon and established the company Sheldon:Cooney in 2003. The company makes blown glass lighting and interior objects.

Signature of Dominic Cooney

Signature of Dominic Cooney dated 1994. Another example seen of the signature is in the form "Dominic 95".

Dominic Cooney vase

Matt red bottle-shaped vase, 13 cm high, made by Dominic Cooney in 1995 (confirmed by David Tolley in a personal communication).

Dominic Cooney perfume bottle

This bottle is 13 high including stopper. It was made as a birthday gift from Dominic and is dated 7th October 1994.

Marcus Dennington

Marcus worked for the studio for about 20 years until his retirement in 2012. Most of his career involved cold working, such as grinding and polishing. Marcus is the brother-in-law of Martin Evans.

Marcus Dennington vase 1994

The vase measures 8.3 cm high x 7.7 cm wide x 13.0 cm maximum length. It was bought on the Isle of Wight. Although there is no absolute proof that the vase was made by Marcus Dennington there is a good chance it was, given that it was purchased on the Island.

Marcus Dennington signature 1994

Signature saying 'Marcus 1994'. That date fits with the early part of his career with the studio.

Martin Evans

Martin Evans completed a degree in arts and sculpture at Portsmouth followed by a 25-year-long career with IOWSG. In 1996, Martin decided to go solo and founded Glory Art Glass with his wife Nicky. All of their three children have worked with glass. Ed now runs the studio with his dad. His sister Danielle Blade makes art glass in America.

Martin Evans signature

Martin Evans' signature.

Christopher Hotten

Christopher Hotten vase made 1975

A vase signed "Chris Hotten 1975”. It measures 12.4 cm high. Image courtesy of Ben Williams.

Christopher Hotten magnum egg paperweight

Magnum egg paperweight, c. 12 cm high, 8 cm maximum diameter, made in 1997.

Christopher Hotten signature

Christopher Hotten's signature on the magnum egg paperweight above.

Ian McCulloch

Example of form of signature: "I.M. I.O.W.S.G 1999."

One-off flared vase by Ian McCulloch 1999

Flared vase, 19 cm high, 13 cm wide at the top. It is signed on the base "I.M. I.O.W.S.G 1999." Ian McCulloch left IOWSG about 2006.

Ian McCulloch egg paperweight 2002

The egg measures 12 cm tall, 7.5 cm maximum width. Image courtesy of Richard Sampson.

Ian McCulloch egg paperweight 2002 signature

Ian McCulloch signature on the base of the egg. Image courtesy of Richard Sampson.

Carl Nordbruch

Carl Nordbruch was born in 1971 on the Isle of Wight. He joined IOWSG as an apprentice at the age of 16 and remained at the studio for seven years. The only known piece solely attributed to him from that time is a vase in the Timothy Harris Special Flowers range made in 1993, though he co-designed the whole range with Timothy Harris. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2000 and now works from his own studio at Colwell Bay, Freshwater, on the Isle of Wight. There is an interesting interview with Carl here.

Perron Phipps

Globe paperweight by Perron Phipps

Globe paperweight by Perron Phipps, 8cm in diameter, signed on the base "Reggie IOWSG 2011".

Signature of Perron Phipps

Perron was given the nickname Reggie by the studio glass makers (here's why). He worked at IOWSG until the studio went into administration in 2012 and then transferred to Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass to work with Paul Critchley. There are several pictures of Perron working with Tim Harris here.

Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard was born in Liskeard, Cornwall, left school at 16, and walked into the local glass studio and asked for a job. He stayed with them for 6 years. Keith joined IOWSG in March 1983 and remained there until the St. Lawrence studio closed in 2012. He lived within walking distance of the studio.

Signature of E K Pollard

Signature of E K Pollard (the brownish colour is cinnamon powder). Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Another known form of the signature is "E K Pollard IOW '97".

Paperweight by E K Pollard

Paperweight by E K Pollard. Height 15.2 cm. Image courtesy of Mike Collinson.

Claire Rainbow

Claire Rainbow is well known for designing the Lily and Orchid ranges in the early 1980s. It is rare to find a piece personally signed by her. This magnum sized globe paperweight is signed 'Rainbow Aug 1980'. Images courtesy of Andrew Gowen.

Paperweight by Claire Rainbow
Signature of Claire Rainbow

David Tolley

David Tolley started at the studio from leaving school in 1984, initially working part time. At first he assisted and was taught by the head glassmakers including Michael Harris until the late 1980's when he progressed to bench work for the next ten years. In 1999 David became more involved in the office administration and IT work. He worked full time in the office covering ecommerce, collectors' club, graphic design for advertising and website and outside retail sales. David left the studio in 2012 when IOWSG went into administration.

Example of forms of signature: "DT 1997" or "D. Tolley 1998" or "D.Tolley 2001 I.O.W.S.G." In a personal communication David also says: "I used to sign my pieces with a T over the D".

Sculpture by David Tolley, made 1998

An abstract sculpture made by David Tolley in 1998. It is about 17.5 cm high and 6.5 cm wide. The colourway is similar to that of Summer Fruits Mulberry. It is also reminiscent of sculptures produced by Martin Evans of Glory Art Glass over many years and still made today.

Sculpture by David Tolley, made 2001

An abstract sculpture made by David Tolley in 2001. It is about 13.5 cm high and 6.5 cm wide.

David Tolley signature 1998

The signature says "D. Tolley 1998".

David Tolley signature 2001

The signature says "D. Tolley 2001 I.O.W.S.G."

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