Flower Vase

Dates produced

2001-December 2012


Timothy Harris


Blue, Pink, Purple or White flowers.

In perfume bottles with flower-shaped stoppers, a variant is known where the stopper has a thick covering of gold over the base colour.



Flower Vase blue round lipped vase, 13 cm diameter

Round lipped vase, 13 cm diameter. This shape was also produced in 18 and 24 cm diameters.

Flower Vase blue paperweight, 7.5 cm diameter

Globe paperweight, 7.5 cm in diameter.


Flower Vase pink lamp base

Square lamp base.

Flower Vase pink round perfume bottle, 6.5 cm diameter

Round perfume bottle, 6.5 cm diameter, signed 'Timothy Harris I O W G England 2001'. These perfume bottles were also available in 8 and 10 cm diameter sizes.


Flower Vase purple large conical vase, 25 cm high

This is the larger of two sizes of conical vase at 25 cm high and 17.5 cm diameter at the top. The smaller is 16 cm high.

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