Elizabethan Tapestry

Dates produced

1990-1991; see also the Tapestry collection.


Jonathan Harris


Blue; Black; Pink (a non-standard colourway); Clear (a trial colourway)



Elizabethan Tapestry Black perfume bottle

This perfume bottle seems to be Elizabethan Tapestry in the black colourway. However, the label appears to be from a later date, 1996 or later. Image courtesy of Julie Cormack.


Elizabethan Tapestry plate, 20 cm diameter

This plate is 20 cm in diameter and in the non-typical colour of pink. The plate is not mentioned in the Isle of Wight Studio Glass shape lists for 1990-1991, which may indicate that the plate was not a standard production item.

Elizabethan Tapestry plate close up

Notice the large foliate design typical of Elizabethan Tapestry.


Elizabethan Tapestry plate with a clear rim

Small plate, 14.5 cm in diameter, with a clear rim. This plate was in the possession of Elizabeth Harris and has been loaned to Isle of Wight Glass Museum.

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