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Timothy Harris


The standard colourway is blue with gold stripes. But a trial with a red body colour is also known.

About this design

Charleston is Artius Glass' exclusive commission range inspired by a very short-lived design produced originally by Timothy Harris in 1992 and known as 'Jazz, Rhythm 'n Blues'. This new range, also designed by Tim, continues the dance theme with the title 'Charleston'. The design is still available to commission by contacting Artius Glass directly.

Production process

The production process involves a unique method devised by Tim. The item is first blown into an embryo shape and then rolled in 22 carat gold leaf. This is then blown again into a larger size. Meanwhile, layer upon layer of different coloured enamels (powdered glass) is spread onto a steel surface (the 'marver') and into this Tim draws with his finger the scroll design you see on the finished piece. The hot, gold-coated, blank is then rolled onto the enamel and the hot glass picks up the layers of colour leaving the drawn design as a space, which shows as a pattern on the surface, with the gold showing through. The piece is then reheated to allow it to be worked into its finished shape. Each piece will be individually signed and engraved on the base by Tim with "Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2004".


Charleston tall amphora vase, 35 cm high, 13 cm diameter

Tall amphora vase, 35 cm high, 13 cm diameter. This piece was made in 2004.

Charleston conical vase, 22.5 cm high, 12.75 cm diameter at base

Conical vase, 22.5 cm high, 12.75 cm diameter at the base. This vase was made in 1994 and is signed by Timothy Harris. Image courtesy of Stephen Massie.

Charleston perfume bottle, 9.5 cm high, 9 cm diameter

Perfume bottle, 9.5 cm high, 9 cm diameter, signed by Timothy Harris and dated 2004.

Forerunner to Charleston

This piece is clearly a forerunner to Charleston, made in 1990. It has a triangular label on the base. It is about 12 cm tall and 15 cm at the widest point.

Forerunner to Charleston
Forerunner to Charleston

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