British Museum

Dates produced

Late 1980s to early 2000s


Timothy Harris

About this design

At least three trial designs were sent to the British Museum in London, England. Two designs were adopted, one in the late 1980s (known to be available 1988-2001) and another around 1997-1998. These were only available for sale in the IOWSG shop and British Museum shop. Some of the trials were kept in the IOWSG archives, but most (all?) were subsequently released for sale.


Trial pieces

Trial British Museum globe paperweight

Trial British Museum globe paperweight, 8.5 cm in diameter, signed "© British Museum 1998". This item was released from the IOWSG archives in February 2011. Image courtesy of IOWSG.

Accepted designs

From around 1988/89 to early 2000s

According to a collector who has the complete collection for this early design, there were three sizes of globe perfume bottles, two sizes of shouldered (Ali Baba) perfume bottles, and two sizes of paperweights. Some of these pieces were apparently bought direct from the IOWSG studio shop around 1988/89. However, this same collector has a large globe perfume bottle and a paperweight of this design marked 'BM 2001'. Therefore, the design was apparently available for quite a long time. Additionally, a large footed vase (see below) seems to belong here too.

British Museum paperweight, 6.1 cm diameter

British Museum paperweight, 6.1 cm diameter. Image courtesy of

British Museum paperweight, 6.1 cm diameter, showing base

British Museum paperweight base showing the label used from 1992 to 1995. Image courtesy of

British Museum vase 1997, 15.5 cm high

Vase 15.5 cm high x 14.0 cm diameter at the rim. Signed "© 1997 The British Museum" on the base and has a broken pontil mark.

Late 1990s

British Museum perfume bottle, 12.5 cm high, 6 cm at widest
British Museum perfume bottle, 12.5 cm high, 6 cm at widest

These images are of the same perfume bottle with somewhat different lighting conditions to show the variation in surface colour. The bottle is 12.5 cm high and 6 cm at its widest point. On the base it is marked “© 1997 THE BRITISH MUSEUM”. The base has a broken pontil mark. It appears that this was a deliberate part of the design. This same design was also available in a bigger size (14.5 cm high).
British Museum bowl, 7.5 cm high, 10 cm diameter at widest, 8.5 cm at inner rim

The bowl is 7.5 cm high, 10 cm diameter at the widest point and 8.5 cm across at the inner rim. It is marked “© 1997 THE BRITISH MUSEUM” and has a broken pontil mark.

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