Almandine, Tourmaline & Topaz

Dates produced

Ron Wheeler informs us that all three ranges were present on a product list for the Torquay Gift Fair in January 1981, but by July 1981 (Harrogate Trade Fair) only Tourmaline is listed.


Timothy Harris



Almandine cylinder vase, 30 cm high

The identity of this Almandine cylinder vase has been confirmed by Elizabeth Harris of IOWSG. It is 30 cm high. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).

Almandine plate

A beautiful example of an Almandine plate. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).


According to Ron Wheeler of Artius Glass, Tourmaline was in various colours, including blue, pink , brown or green.

Tourmaline plate

A stunning Tourmaline plate. Its identity with Tourmaline was confirmed by David Tolley of IOWSG. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).

Tourmaline globe vase

Globe vase, 12.5 cm high. All the colour and design components are the same as in the plate directly above, but being a smaller item the chips of colour remain more angular and less spread out. There is a triangular label on the base.


Topaz plate

This plate is confirmed by Ron Wheeler to be Topaz. Image courtesy of Sue (celticway).

Topaz bowl

The bowl is 13.7 cm in diameter and 8 cm high. The outside of the bowl has a glossy iridescent sheen while the inside is not.

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